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Saltsman Brenzel,

a Boston based company, integrates design and construction services from conception through occupancy. Since 2000, we have been designing, building, and renovating homes and businesses in the greater Boston area.

Every Saltsman Brenzel project receives the personal attention of both partners, Thomas Saltsman and Jason Brenzel, who together have nearly 50 years of experience building quality homes that are carefully designed and detailed for every individual client.

Tom, a graduate of the Harvard School of Design, guides clients through all program and design decisions, while Jason, who has been building homes for over 30 years, oversees all aspects of construction and estimating projects. Having direct owner involvement ensures the individual success of each and every project that Saltsman Brenzel undertakes.

Our company values client participation throughout the entire design-build process, as it ensures that the final product is well designed and that the client gets exactly what they envisioned. Program requirements, budget constraints, design goals, schedule requirements, and any challenges or opportunities that the site and permitting process may present are carefully managed by our small, but experienced and dedicated team.

We take on only as many projects as we are comfortable with, and work with the best subcontractors in the area, most of whom have been part of our team for years. We are a small business, and are proud of the quality of work that our company produces year after year, and project after project.